Estelle Chupin, Studying an MBA in Communications/Marketing

My qualities

Why hire me rather than someone else ?

Anglophone world

I took the TOEIC in November 2015 and obtained a score of 970/990 (C1 level). I watch all my favorite TV shows in their original language and regularly read English-speaking press articles through my subscription to Vocable.


I’m very good at spelling, I even took the Certificat Voltaire in 2013 and got the score of professional spelling. I attach great importance to details (typography, colors, margins…).

Curiosity/Thirst for learning

I take online classes in digital (community management, web programming) and DTP (InDesign and Photoshop) on MOOCs ( and


Because soft skills are just as important as savoir-faire, I always arrive at work on time, I greet everyone, I introduce myself to those I don’t know, I welcome new interns…


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Looking for a 6-month internship in the digital field (Paris)

I've been passionate about communications but also about the digital field and webmarketing since secondary school. Hence why I'm looking for a 6-month internship in these fields in Paris from april to october 2017. Indeed, I'd like to develop my web language skills (HTML, CSS, PHP...) and participate in the strategy and the social media monitoring of one or more brands. I would especially like to work in a communications agency so that I could manage a few projects at the same time like I did during my last 6-month internship, also in a communications agency. Make sure to get in touch with me by email (, by phone (+33 6 43 04 65 45), via LinkedIn or via the contact form below.

  • Spelling
  • English
  • HTML & CSS
  • Photoshop & InDesign

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